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Start-to-Finish is pleased to offer our retail customers ready-to-use ads for their local publications. The basic design includes a space for your store logo and contact information.

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Get our ads in all available formats by downloading this Zip file: 6/17/2010 (8.08 MB)

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What will it be in 2023?

As jewelry business owners start a new year, they consider the challenges to face for the next 12 months:

  • Gold is slowly creeping to another high
  • Delivery services (UPS, FedEx, and US Mail) have increased their rates
  • Consumers see price increases in the necessities for daily life

In this environment, I want to thank you for being a loyal Start-to-Finish retailer. I know it takes time to explain the benefits of this product to the customer since it’s not like a one-time purchase item. And of course, that is what makes it special and rewarding for both your business and their gift-giving planning (or lack thereof)!

As a reminder, I invite you to consider the following rewards and benefits for Start-to-Finish Diamond Link Bracelets as a worthwhile investment in 2023:

  • A customer who purchases a diamond link bracelet is likely to return to your store for additional links a minimum of 9 times up to 32 times. This means increased opportunities for other product sales as well as relationship building.
  • The diamond link bracelet when completed is a full 14K gold bracelet, thus it will always have solid value and look like its one-time-purchase tennis bracelet counterpart.
  • The diamond link bracelet can fit any customer’s wrist size from the smallest to the largest, thanks to the flexible snake chain.
  • Our product makes gift giving easy. Customers have many special occasions throughout the year–holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, graduations, new baby, just because–are just a few of the reasons to promote a link sale.
  • For newlyweds, starting a bracelet says, “I am committed to celebrating all our future occasions together,” and takes the guesswork out of gift-giving for a new spouse.
  • The diamond link bracelet offers the customer an opportunity to work within their budget from “start to finish.” Some start with more than just the initial one link on the starter bracelet and add 2 or more at a time until complete.
  • Corporate gift-giving represents an untapped market for proactive jewelers who have or want to cultivate business community relationships. Reach out to a major corporation in your area. Give them the incentive to use this as a bonus for employees for work anniversaries, project milestones, or revenue or other goal achievements. Bonus: Bracelet owners become new customers to your store for more links and/or their gift-giving occasions.

Finally, to fully tap into the opportunities, expand your inventory with different and/or newer styles. Visit our websites to help you in finding the right mix for your clientele and/or to get or provide information about our bracelets.

Retailer site
Consumer site

2022 Holiday Offer

2020 Highlights and 2021 Announcements

With the holiday rush and 2021 off to a fast start, we’re just now taking a breath to reflect on 2020. And we wanted to share with you some of the highlights and what we’re looking forward to this year. 



In October, Start-to-Finish attended the Atlanta Jewelry Show and there was a lot of enthusiasm for our bracelet line. And we noticed a much larger national attendance. We want to give a very big thank you to all the staff for creating a safe environment for Vendors and Retailers in this new normal. (And check out this amazing video they put together!)


Oftentimes, we learn from our community of retailers about customer needs and jewelers’ innovations. At this show, we had a very interesting conversation with a bench jeweler who gave us an idea too good not to pass along to you. Here is his story: 


A customer came into the store with a Start-to-Finish diamond link bracelet that had been handed down, sadly through the death of her mother. To keep her mother’s memory alive, she asked, “Can this bracelet be broken up and re-created into some pieces so that all the girls in the family can have something to remember her by?”  


Smartly, the bench jeweler provided these recommendations (and we added a few of our own):

  1. Make a ring out of one link. (How? Add a shank and size to finger size.)
  2. Create earrings using two links. (How? Add a post to each link, and you will have a pair of earrings.)
  3. Allow each girl to create their own unique bracelet using a few links. By adding different styles and arranging them in a pattern they design, they’ll be starting a new bracelet with you (and becoming a repeat customer).  (How? Visit “Custom Jewelry Design Made Easy” to help your customer create their own special, one-of-a-kind diamond link bracelet.)
  4. Similar to the unique bracelet option, anyone may choose to keep the existing style and start their own bracelet. (How? Purchase a starter link with a 7” snake chain and add the inherited links.) 


Not only are these great ideas for that heirloom piece, but Start-to-Finish can provide links or mountings for colored stones to make additional rings or earrings to purchase with a starter bracelet. 


All of these scenarios allow for upsell opportunities and repeat customers when jewelers register customers’ bracelets and/or keep up with marketing efforts. 


Got ideas? Please post in the comments below or drop us a line if you have questions. 


2021 Announcements

First Show of the Year

Start-to-Finish will be exhibiting at the Atlanta Jewelry Show, March 6-7, 2021 in the Cobb Galleria Centre. As reported by Southern Jewelry News, this year, RJO is joining so we’re excited to extend “SoHo” (short for Southern Hospitality, and the theme of the show) to our old friends and welcome the newcomers. 


We’ll have show specials, so keep an eye out for those this Spring.

New Brochures

We have new brochures for our retailers. The tri-fold design accommodates all our current styles in an easy-to-read format. And it’s customer-facing, providing a link to (our site for consumers).  We will have these to distribute at the Atlanta Jewelry Show. If you are not attending that show, please give us a call at 888-753-8340 and we will mail some brochures to you.


New Styles

We’re working on two new styles based on best sellers and very excited about it! At the Spring Atlanta show, we’ll debut the samples and you can place your orders there. 


We’ll have photos available for these by Fall, so you can place an early Holiday order and include them in your ads, newsletters, and social posts.


Got questions? Give us a call at 888-753-8340.

2020 News

So far, this 2020 year has brought about many changes for each of us, individually and as businesses.

Start-to-Finish is making one major change beginning June 23, 2020. We will no longer participate as a member of the Retail Jewelers Organization. We have enjoyed our 14 years as a member, adding not only new businesses to our product line but numerous friendships.

We will continue to serve all of our customers with their bracelet and link needs. Start-to-finish invoices will be sent the first of each month.

Our terms remain the same whether you are a regular account or an RJO account.

We hope things will settle down by the fall and it is our intention to attend the delayed Alabama Jewelers Convention in Birmingham and the Atlanta Jewelry Show in Atlanta, GA.

We wish for your continued success and are thankful for your support of Start-to-Finish Diamond Link Bracelets.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

What’s Happened this Fall and Looking to 2019

Report on Fall 2018

Alabama Jewelers Association held their Saltwater Seminar at Orange Beach the last weekend in September. Some changes were made for this annual fun event. 

It started on Thursday, a day earlier than the previous years, which gave us more time in our hospitality suite and dining at some of the new restaurants.

The main dinner event was held at the Orange Beach Senior Center. It was catered by the owners of Cosmos and G.T.’s Restaurant.

Maria and Cody Foote of Maria Jewelers in Opelika, AL, provided the music with their DJ style. They are also professional dancers so we had a lively group of learners on the dance floor.

In the past, we had an educational seminar on Sunday mornings, but this year it was decided that the entire weekend would be centered around socializing and networking. Instead, all of our education will be held at the Convention in Birmingham in April, 2019.

The weather was perfect all weekend except for Saturday afternoon when the rain came and cancelled our golf outing. But there’s always next year!

Looking Ahead to 2019

The Alabama Jewelers Association Board has lots of great ideas for next year’s convention and I am even more excited to be a part of this serving on the board

Y’all come to Birmingham in April and enjoy our southern hospitality! 



P.S. Here’s where we’ll be in 2019:

RJO Show Nashville Music Center, Nashville, TN 1/26-1/28

Atlanta Jewelry Show- Cobb Galleria Center, Atlanta, GA 3/2-3/4

Alabama Jewelers Convention April 5-7 Hyatt at the Galleria, Birmingham, AL

Hello from the Atlanta Jewelry Show 2017

We’re happy to be here at the Atlanta Jewelry Show 2017; stop by our booth to get the juicy details on how our product keeps customers coming back AND engages them with a STORY!


Atlanta Jewelry Show 2017

Renee at Atlanta Jewelry Show 2017


Throwback Thursday to . . . One Week Ago at RJO Denver 2017!

Had so much fun in Denver, CO, participating in the annual golf tournament for RJO as both sponsors and players!

RJO Denver 2017

Steve Singer at RJO Denver 2017

RJO Denver 2017

Renee Singer at RJO Denver 2017

We shot 12 under par, a fabulous 60, and ended up in 2nd place!

RJO Denver 2017

The 2nd Place Team at RJO Denver 2017 (L to R): Renee and Steve Singer, Bob and Deb Meadows, Betsy and Lamar Murrell

Great team effort with great weather, great food, and great friendship!

We even announced our new product position around telling a story that sells. For our friends attending The Atlanta Jewelry Show this week, please stop by and we will fill you in on the exciting news in person! Our story is the one that keeps your jewelry customers coming back!

RJO Denver 2017

Our Booth at RJO Denver 2017

Jewelry Stores in Mississippi Gathered Last Weekend

Jewelry stores in Mississippi gathered on June 24-25 in Gulfport, MS at the Marriott Courtyard Beach Front for learning sessions and fun at the annual Mississippi Jewelers Convention.

From the vendors’ perspective, it was an opportunity to socialize with the attendees, support the organization, and have an opportunity to bring some merchandise and new ideas for the 2017 Holiday Season.

For Start-to-Finish Diamond Link Bracelets, we were able to share how we’ve repositioned our product line to accommodate the lifestyles of customers and their jewelry gift buying needs. Our presentation consisted of “7 Must-Have Bracelets,” emphasizing how you as a store owner or associate can tell a story as you present a certain style bracelet.

For example, a customer comes in needing a baby gift. You might suggest our “baby bracelet” and how the bracelet will grow as the baby grows into a child, a teenager, a young adult. The finished product will be a 14K gold and diamond bracelet with exceptional value and built over time on special occasions. Jewelry stores in Mississippi who stock our product can tell their own stories for our bracelets, it just takes listening to the customer, some help from us, and some imagination!

Found this page by accident? If you are a consumer looking for jewelry stores in Mississippi who carry our line of 14K gold and diamond bracelets, please visit our Find a Store page or our main consumer site to learn more.

We strongly believe in the “add-on” concept in our bracelet line because there is value in the finished product and the relationship is built with every important occasion in a customer’s life.

But it wasn’t all education and presentation… One of the highlights of the Mississippi Jewelers Convention was the Poker Tournament for Charity. There were two tables of players and the winner received a plaque. All the buy-in money was donated to a charity of the winner’s choice! This is certainly a reason to attend next year’s convention if you’re a jewelry store in Mississippi. Start-to-Finish will be there, will you?