Bracelet Care & Assembly

How to Care for Your Start-to-Finish Display Bracelets

– Heat, light, and display adhesives cause most jewelry to tarnish. To maintain the shine and appeal of your STF display bracelets, we recommend cleaning with Magic Tarnish Remover for Gold and Silver, available through Stuller.

– Our bracelets are 10K gold -filled snake chains which can be easily adjusted to fit any size wrist. Stock size for Start-to-Finish bracelets are 7″. Starting with more links initially can make the bracelet any length.

– You may wish to assemble bracelets in your store or STF can provide this service for you.

Directions for Shortening Bracelets:

1. Turn the bracelet over and at each end notice that opposite of where the gold-filled chain enters the catch there is a small hole.

2. Insert a pick (if unavailable, you may use a ball point pen) and lift up friction clip.

3. Slide off gold-filled bracelet and remove the necessary amount from each end.

4. Reinsert gold-filled bracelet and push down friction clip until it locks in place.

Thanks for continuing the tradition of quality and pride in our customer satisfaction.

Link Assembly by Start-to-Finish

Our bracelets are designed to have few repair problems. The links are permanently added to one another. An in house bench jeweler can add links or we can provide this service for you.

– To have STF add link(s) for your customer, send the bracelet registered mail to:

P.O. Box 43843
Birmingham, AL 35243

– Labor charges apply for installing links.

– Bracelets will be returned to you in 10-14 days.

– If the bracelet is being completed, we add a 14K gold clasp at no charge.

In-House Bench Jeweler Assembly

Directions for Adding Links:

1. Remove the gold-filled bracelet from the link. From the back of the link, lift the tab end of the bracelet and pull away from pin. Slide off of pin.

2. Heat pin and remove from link when solder melts.

3. Use a #71 drill bit and clean holes in original and new link.

4a. Cut pins from 22 gauge 14K wire.

4b. Style numbers 30001, 30202, 30201 require 18/20 gauge 14k wire.

5. Insert male end of new link into female end of starter link and insert pin through holes.

6. Solder both sides of pin. Clean and buff sides so solder joint is invisible.

7. Reattach gold-filled bracelet by fitting the tab ends over the pins and bending flush.

Our newer styles have a fold-over tab end that uses solder.