Why Start to Finish

Start-to-Finish diamond link bracelets are perfect for:

–The husband who enjoys buying jewelry for his wife on her birthday, their anniversary, and holidays but dreads making choices or spending too much time in the store

–The woman who wants to reward herself for an accomplishment (or buys jewelry as a pick-me-up) but is too sophisticated for bead or “personality” jewelry and/or would be interested in an affordable diamond bracelet

–Anyone looking for an affordable diamond tennis bracelet alternative, or considering a tennis bracelet purchase but is hesitant about using your layaway program and/or a credit card for such an expensive purchase

–Anyone considering a diamond bracelet as a gift who values quality and continuity; he or she views jewelry as an investment and would only be interested in items that could be passed down (heirlooms)

Why Stock Our Bracelets?

Our bracelets provide your jewelry customers with a unique, fun, yet sophisticated diamond bracelet alternative while providing you with a long-term customer. Selling a diamond link bracelet keeps a customer returning to your store (or contacting you) for additional links.

Personal relationships with the customer are developed through diamond link bracelet sales, and word of mouth advertising is the best form of free advertising your store can have. We make it easy for you to please and retain valued customers.

Start-to-Finish offers you programs for successful selling:

  • Registration card Program
  • Automatic Re-stocking Program
  • Sales Associate Reward Program
  • Occasion Postcards Available
  • Advertising and Marketing Materials
  • Education Packet for associates

We also have no minimum buy-ins, making it easy for you to get started today! Call us at 888-753-8340.