Store Resources

Marketing to Your Customers

Our registration card is a tool that allows for the collection of valuable customer information. You can use the information on each completed card to follow up with your customers. With a simple reminder, you can easily sell additional links. You can even use this opportunity to let the customer know about any current or upcoming specials and sales. When you send the completed registration card to Start-to-Finish, we will send gift certificates for a $140 retail value to the purchaser or bracelet owner. These certificates entitle the bearer to save $10 on each of the next 4 link purchases and $100 on the installation of a 14k gold hidden clasp. Your store’s name is printed on the cover of the coupon booklet, ensuring that the purchaser knows where to shop.

Maintaining Your Inventory

Using the Automatic Re-Stocking Program with the Registration Card

Why bother counting bracelets, searching for style numbers, and filling out order forms? With the registration card information, we can automatically replenish your stock. We want to keep our bracelets in your store available to potential customers for every occasion. At the same time, we want to use the registration card as a thank you to the associate for selling the bracelet. We want to offer a cash reward of $5.00 for every bracelet sold. The Automatic Re-stocking Program helps you to operate more efficiently. You’ll always have a full display, ready for every sale.