About the Product

“The bracelets and links give a great entry purchase for customers whose budget may not allow for the purchase of a completed diamond bracelet.”

“Gentlemen customers very much like the ability to (1) build a gift for their ladies and (2) not have to worry about what to get her when the next birthday, anniversary, etc. comes around.”

About Their Experience with Start-to-Finish

“Very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, quick service”

“Customer service has been great. Great support with product during our trunk shows.”

“Readily available via phone to amswer questions.”

“Excellent customer service. Susan has always been very nice.”

About How to Succeed

“It will provide add-on profits! Like any new product – be prepared to promote it. Advertise.”

“We take advantage of every opportunity to introduce the bracelet to potential buyers i.e., plant the seed for future “needs” for an appropriate gift for that special someone – birthdays,anniversaries, Valentine’s, etc. . . .We have to constantly work to suggest to our customers for “future” needs. It is a perpetual process for us as small town merchants.”

About Why Others Should Stock the Product

“You can go in heavy or light on your inventory, whichever meets your needs.”

“I love the idea of registering the bracelets, the Rolodex cards with customer info is wonderful, automatic restocking is even better.”

“Sell-through is fantastic. Stock balancing is unsurpassed.”

“The enthusiasm of this product is contagious.”

“It has a high probability of having a repeat customer in purchasing the links.”