Jewelry Stores in Mississippi Gathered Last Weekend

Jewelry stores in Mississippi gathered on June 24-25 in Gulfport, MS at the Marriott Courtyard Beach Front for learning sessions and fun at the annual Mississippi Jewelers Convention.

From the vendors’ perspective, it was an opportunity to socialize with the attendees, support the organization, and have an opportunity to bring some merchandise and new ideas for the 2017 Holiday Season.

For Start-to-Finish Diamond Link Bracelets, we were able to share how we’ve repositioned our product line to accommodate the lifestyles of customers and their jewelry gift buying needs. Our presentation consisted of “7 Must-Have Bracelets,” emphasizing how you as a store owner or associate can tell a story as you present a certain style bracelet.

For example, a customer comes in needing a baby gift. You might suggest our “baby bracelet” and how the bracelet will grow as the baby grows into a child, a teenager, a young adult. The finished product will be a 14K gold and diamond bracelet with exceptional value and built over time on special occasions. Jewelry stores in Mississippi who stock our product can tell their own stories for our bracelets, it just takes listening to the customer, some help from us, and some imagination!

Found this page by accident? If you are a consumer looking for jewelry stores in Mississippi who carry our line of 14K gold and diamond bracelets, please visit our Find a Store page or our main consumer site to learn more.

We strongly believe in the “add-on” concept in our bracelet line because there is value in the finished product and the relationship is built with every important occasion in a customer’s life.

But it wasn’t all education and presentation… One of the highlights of the Mississippi Jewelers Convention was the Poker Tournament for Charity. There were two tables of players and the winner received a plaque. All the buy-in money was donated to a charity of the winner’s choice! This is certainly a reason to attend next year’s convention if you’re a jewelry store in Mississippi. Start-to-Finish will be there, will you?