What will it be in 2023?

As jewelry business owners start a new year, they consider the challenges to face for the next 12 months:

  • Gold is slowly creeping to another high
  • Delivery services (UPS, FedEx, and US Mail) have increased their rates
  • Consumers see price increases in the necessities for daily life

In this environment, I want to thank you for being a loyal Start-to-Finish retailer. I know it takes time to explain the benefits of this product to the customer since it’s not like a one-time purchase item. And of course, that is what makes it special and rewarding for both your business and their gift-giving planning (or lack thereof)!

As a reminder, I invite you to consider the following rewards and benefits for Start-to-Finish Diamond Link Bracelets as a worthwhile investment in 2023:

  • A customer who purchases a diamond link bracelet is likely to return to your store for additional links a minimum of 9 times up to 32 times. This means increased opportunities for other product sales as well as relationship building.
  • The diamond link bracelet when completed is a full 14K gold bracelet, thus it will always have solid value and look like its one-time-purchase tennis bracelet counterpart.
  • The diamond link bracelet can fit any customer’s wrist size from the smallest to the largest, thanks to the flexible snake chain.
  • Our product makes gift giving easy. Customers have many special occasions throughout the year–holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, graduations, new baby, just because–are just a few of the reasons to promote a link sale.
  • For newlyweds, starting a bracelet says, “I am committed to celebrating all our future occasions together,” and takes the guesswork out of gift-giving for a new spouse.
  • The diamond link bracelet offers the customer an opportunity to work within their budget from “start to finish.” Some start with more than just the initial one link on the starter bracelet and add 2 or more at a time until complete.
  • Corporate gift-giving represents an untapped market for proactive jewelers who have or want to cultivate business community relationships. Reach out to a major corporation in your area. Give them the incentive to use this as a bonus for employees for work anniversaries, project milestones, or revenue or other goal achievements. Bonus: Bracelet owners become new customers to your store for more links and/or their gift-giving occasions.

Finally, to fully tap into the opportunities, expand your inventory with different and/or newer styles. Visit our websites to help you in finding the right mix for your clientele and/or to get or provide information about our bracelets.

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